ephoboo App for smartphones

Quick User Guide



                The app for smartphones (iPhone/Android/Blackberry) is a central component of the ephoboo System. It links several components online and inside the phone and keeps information updated on both ends.

This app has been designed to be as user friendly as possible and to allow easy access to the most commonly used functions. The present guide explains each one of those functions and what the user can do with them


Main Screen

Add eID

       Use this option to manually enter an eID instead of scanning the QR code


Scan QR:

       Scan a QR code from a business card, email signature, ephoboo app, etc.([1])

       Simply select this option and point the camera to the QR code and wait for the app to confirm scanning

List Contacts

       List all your contacts in your address book by selecting the “List Contacts” option


Generate QR

       Show your own QR code:

       Select the “Generate QR” option from the ephoboo app.


Pending link requests

       See the pending link requests you have

       Select “Pending link requests” from the main menu to see all request and accept/deny them


Synchronize Contacts

       Manually launch a data synchronization with ephoboo’s database by clicking “Synchronize Contacts”

       This will synchronize all data on the phone and ephoboo’s database



       End your session with ephoboo




[1] On Blackberry phones currently only available for OS version 6.0 or higher.